What if all the MLB teams were actually bad?

Fox Sports’ MLB Network’s Chris Cotillo broke down how this season could turn out, and how the MLB landscape could be radically different.

Article 1: It’s going to be a tough year for the leagueThis is a tough one.

There’s always a chance this year’s crop of teams is going to look worse than last year’s, but if you look at the major leagues, it’s really not too much of a stretch to imagine teams will be worse than the ones that were better last year.

For instance, the Philadelphia Phillies were actually better last season, winning 88 games and posting a 3.79 ERA, but they were the first team to win a division title since the Yankees.

So, if they go 2-6, they’re likely to finish last in the division, at least at first.

And it’s not just the Phillies, as we’ve seen with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Milwaukee Brewers.

The Yankees were actually a good team last year, winning 97 games and going 7-6.

But they lost 97 games in the American League East, so that’s probably a lot worse than their 3.80 ERA.

It’s not hard to see how the Yankees could be better this year.

The Los Angeles Angels were a bad team last season.

They won 89 games, but posted a 3,898 ERA and were a one-hit wonder.

The Angels won the American league East by four games.

But the Yankees posted a 4.01 ERA and won the AL West by five games.

So they were still a good squad, but not by a whole lot.

If the Angels go 3-11, it would be a big drop.

And the Dodgers are going to get a boost.

They’re going to go 6-7, and they’ll be in the wild-card race.

But that’s going be a huge drop for the Dodgers, as they’re already tied with the Houston Astros for the AL East lead.

The Arizona Diamondbacks went 2-11 last year and have gone 3-10 in 2018.

They’ve posted a 5.04 ERA and have won the West.

So that’s not going to change.

But if the Dodgers go 3:30, it will be a good thing.

The Kansas City Royals are the worst team in baseball.

They went 1-12 in 2018 and have posted a 7.06 ERA.

The Royals won the wild card by three games.

They’ll be at the bottom of the division again.

But their chances are improved because of their recent surge.

The Atlanta Braves are a rebuilding team.

They are now 5-7.

They have a 3-6 record in 2018, but it’s still a decent season for a rebuilding club.

The Braves have the best record in baseball, with a 3:19 ERA.

And they have the third-best record in the NL East, going 10-4.

So the Braves are not bad, but there’s a chance they could be a playoff team, even with the losses.

The Minnesota Twins went 1,722 games last year with a 6.02 ERA.

They were 9-4 in 2018 with a 4:12 ERA, and their ERA is going up.

The Twins will likely finish last, but the improvement could help them, as the Twins posted a 9.75 ERA and a 5-2 record last year in the AL Central.

The Chicago White Sox are a very, very good team.

And while they finished last year 4-10, they had a 4-4 record in 2017, so they have a shot at the wild cards.

The New York Mets went 6-9 in 2018 to win the NL Central and get the NL West.

But in 2018 they went 5-11 in the standings and lost three games in a row.

The Mets are in trouble if they lose their final three games and then lose the Wild Card game.

But the Mets are not going anywhere, and if they’re going 2-9, they will be in good shape heading into 2019.

The Houston Astros are a contender.

They had a fantastic season in 2018 that saw them win 88 games, go 15-2 in the National League West, and win the AL by four.

The Astros are 4-11 with a 5:22 ERA in 2018 after going 11-5 with a 2.92 ERA in 2017.

So Houston will be OK in the playoffs, if not the World Series, because the Astros are still a contender with the way they’re playing.