What’s in Mickey Thompson’s tires?

Mickey Thompson, the tire designer behind the tires for the Michelin-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Pirelli World Challenge cars, has been spotted with the company’s 2017 MotoGP bike.

Thompson, who is also a part of the design team for the 2018 MotoGP World Championship and MotoGP Pirellis, appears to have been wearing the Michellas new tire, which is expected to be revealed at the end of the month.

A source with knowledge of the situation told us Thompson is in a Michelin MotoGP tire with an M5 profile, which would be an evolution of the Michelson MX5. 

While the MotoGP Michelin tires are said to have a different profile, the Moto4 MX5 tires are similar in profile to the Michels new tire.

The MotoGP MX5 and Moto4 tires will be available at Michelin shops worldwide for the first time, and there is a chance the Michelins team could also use them for their 2018 Moto2 car, though we’re not sure exactly what that means yet.

Michelin is also developing its MX5 tire for the 2017 Moto3 and Moto3 GP class, which will use the same tire as the Moto2 tires. 

As of now, the MX5 is the only tire that Michelin will be releasing with a carbon fiber rim, but that could change in the future, as Michelin may be working on a new tire with a ceramic rim.