Goodyear WRZ-41R RWD mud tires for 2017

Goodyear has partnered with the University of Minnesota to offer tires for its 2017 Wrangler, the first Wrangler to use its new mud-tire technology.

Goodyear said that the tires will go on sale on the University campus starting in November and will cost $40, $60, and $80, respectively.

The tires will be available in different styles.

The “mule” tire is a medium-sized tread pattern.

It has a tread depth of 7.5 inches, a tread length of 25 inches, and a maximum tread pressure of 1,050 psi.

The wider “tri-tip” tire has a wider tread pattern at the center of the tread, a width of 13.5 in. and a length of 31.5.

The tire’s sidewalls are made of an additional 3/8-inch thick “tri” material that increases tread area and gives it a slightly higher compression ratio than the standard tread.

The tri-tip tire has more tread area than the tread pattern of the “mules.”

The tri tips are not available in all Wrangler models.

The University of MN said that it will offer the new tires for free.

The university is offering the tires to students who are enrolled in the Wrangler Sport and Performance program.

The program provides students with a year of instruction in tires and related materials.

Students who qualify for the program will be able to take advantage of the tires as part of the program, Goodyear spokesman Brad Wiedenbach said in a statement.

Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to use the tires for their training, which will be limited to one tire per person.

The Wrangler’s new tires come with an “in-season” warranty, Wiedanbach said.

The manufacturer says the tread material will last at least four years, which would be around 20,000 miles on a regular tread tire.

The company is working on an upgrade for the tires that will include “further enhanced” technology that will reduce the tread area, Wiesenbach added.