How to tell if your car has been fitted with a bike tire plug and whether it’s been serviced

When you’re not sure if your bike tire has been punctured, you might want to check its condition before driving.

This could mean your car is being serviced or repaired, and the bike tyre is not.

If you’re unsure about whether your car’s been fitted for a bike tyre plug or if you have one installed, you can use the internet and look up your local council’s contact details.

You’ll find out if the car has any punctures or leaks, whether it has been repaired or not, and whether there’s a repair shop nearby.

If your car doesn’t have a bike plug or a spare tyre, the best thing to do is call the council and ask for their contact details, so you can get in touch with them.

You may also want to ask your local mechanic to check the condition of your bike tyre, if you suspect the plug is broken.

If it is, you’ll be able to ask the service centre to check that it’s in working order.

Your bike tyre could be damaged or damaged if you haven’t properly washed it or if it’s worn out or worn in a way that can’t be repaired.

You can repair your bike tyres with any tyre pump, if the pressure on the tyre is normal, the pump is working and it’s safe for you to use.

You can also use a dry tyre if the pump isn’t working and there’s no pressure on your bike’s tyre.

The tyre should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you have questions about a tyre, ask your GP or your local service centre.

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