Michelin tires offer $300 speed rating on new model, new car

Michelin, the world’s biggest tire manufacturer, has announced that it will offer speed ratings on new and used tires in select markets.

The move, which comes just a week after the introduction of the company’s new Triton series, comes after a flurry of tire spec announcements in recent months.

The company said it will provide speed ratings of up to 80 km/h, but only if you drive a “superlight, lightweight, or mid-weight vehicle.”

The new Michelin Tritons will be available from September 20, with a suggested retail price of $399.

Pricing will start at $379 in the U.S. and up to $399 in Europe.

The new Tresorias will be the company ‘s fastest tires to date, offering speeds of up, up to and including 80 km /h.

The new tires also come in several color options: black, red, gold, and orange.

The Tresors have been around since 2011, and the company plans to sell thousands of new Tregs annually, according to a statement.

The brand will also offer new Trenchmaster and Tregon products.

Michelin Tresoro is the first new tire from the brand since 2009, when it launched the Trego series.

The treadwear and wear resistance of the new Trelo and Tresoros have improved considerably since then.

The tires also have a more stable grip than before, Michelin said.

Tresorons have been in production since 2014, and were first launched in Europe in 2016.

The first Tregons were made by Dura Ace and are available in two colors, white and black.

Michelin has a number of new tire models under development, including a new tire for the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.