How to tell if your car has an automatic transmission

By POLITICO StaffThe automaker’s first auto-driven car will be on the road in 2019, but it won’t have an automatic, which is a big difference from its competitors.

The Chevy Bolt, which was announced last week and is expected to start rolling off the assembly line in 2019.

It’s a car designed to take full advantage of electric cars’ new, cleaner driving modes.

Its battery-electric propulsion system will give the Bolt a range of 100 miles, compared with about 65 miles for the typical car.

The Bolt will also be capable of carrying 10 people, a huge advantage for drivers who typically live in homes with a few doors.

The automakers plan to add autonomous features, like cruise control and lane-keeping assist, to the Bolt in the years to come.

It will also add automatic parking.

It can go the distance with about 100 miles of range, or a whopping 200 miles on city roads.

The Bolt will be powered by a mix of electric motors and batteries.

But that doesn’t mean it won