New tires to be installed on golf cart tires

The new tires for golf carts will be installed in the fall at the St. Louis area.

It will cost about $100 each, according to St. Charles Park Golf Club, and are expected to be ready by mid-May.

The golf cart manufacturer, Nascar, said it has installed the new tires in other cities, but not St. Martin, about 10 miles northwest of the St Louis suburb.

Nascar has not yet announced plans to install the tires in St. Thomas, which is located about a 10-minute drive south of St. Peters, a city that is a popular golf resort for golfers.

The new golf cart treads are manufactured by Green Grit, which makes the treads for the Stetsons.

The company said the tires are “designed to offer superior grip to drivers, and to keep a consistent distance in any given driving situation.”

The Stetson golf cart has been on the market for more than a year, and is the most popular model.