How to get a new set of tyres for your car

A new set should be on your mind if you want to drive your new Ford Fiesta, and it could be the first thing you see in the car’s owner’s manual.

The carmaker has updated its tire guide to clarify that if you have a set of factory-issued tyres you’ll need to buy the new set at an authorised dealer.

That means you could buy a set and expect to be charged at the dealership.

“If you have any doubt as to whether you are eligible to purchase a new Ford, check with your authorised dealer,” Ford says.

“You may have to pay a higher price if you are not sure.”

The manual also states that the set should “not be used for extended periods”.

But the new guide does not state that, unless you have an approved dealer, you will need to have it removed from your car.

Ford says the change is to protect the brand and to make sure customers are able to see how much it will cost to buy their set of tires.

The manual also mentions that you should “look carefully at the weight of the new tires”, adding that you may not have a choice.

“In some cases, a set may be too heavy to be transported in a conventional luggage bag.”

Ford says it will not be taking any action against any customers who have been incorrectly charged.

The company says it is “actively working to make the new tire guide clear and accurate”.

Ford says it “has worked closely with the relevant regulatory authorities in the U.K. and other European countries to ensure this is in compliance with all applicable laws”.

On the flip side, Ford has also revised its warranty policy, in which it now says “you can expect to receive a refund within 15 days of delivery for your unused set of Ford tyres”.

If you do have to take your car to an authorised Ford dealer, Ford says you should pay for the new sets at the same time as the new manual.

It’s not clear if Ford will be updating its tire manual to be more specific about the type of tyres you need.