MTB tires used by Spanish cyclist Alberto Salazar, who is recovering after being shot

MTB tyres used by Spaniard Alberto Salazas team mate are now in his possession after the Spaniard suffered a leg injury during a mountain bike race on Thursday.

The 24-year-old Spaniard was riding his bike around the Spanish city of Cadiz when he was shot in the leg by a man who had also been shooting at his team mates.

The accident left him in a coma and doctors are now awaiting results from tests to see if the bullet is from a different gun.

But the news comes at a time of growing concern about the use of military-grade military-style tires on the roads.

A group of cycling enthusiasts in the town of Valdebebas, in southern Spain, has petitioned the government to ban military-standard tires from the roads and have asked for the government’s approval for the change.

According to the petition, the tires are used on military vehicles and the Ministry of Defence has approved the change, but there has been no notification from the Ministry.

The change comes after the country was hit by a series of deadly motorcycle-related incidents, including the shooting of an American student in the Spanish capital of Madrid.