Which tires will I get for my Subaru WRX?

Toyota has unveiled a new set of Subaru WRx tires that offer an all-new tire design that is designed to improve traction, reduce wear and increase fuel economy.

The company says the new rubber is designed for a wider variety of road conditions, including dirt and gravel.

The new set, which is currently in production, comes with a “R15” designation, which stands for “reduced weight,” according to the company.

It will be available for the Subaru WR-T and WRX models in 2019.

The tires are made in Italy by the renowned Michelin company.

The new rubber will be made available in “a variety of sizes and weights,” the company said.

The WRX comes with tires that are lighter than those offered by other Subaru brands, including the STI and Legacy models.

The STI, for example, has a set of 17-inch tires that weigh 3.5 pounds.

The company said the new set will offer a better ride for drivers, as it will offer more grip and better control of the car.

It will also be easier for drivers to maintain a proper grip, said John Hulter, a senior engineer at Subaru of America.

It also will reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy, the company says.

The first set of WRX tires was unveiled last year at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The next set is expected to be ready for consumers this summer.