Which bike brands have the best Continental frames?

Continental has released its 2017 model year frames and there’s a lot of competition.

The company says its new model, the Continental XR2, is the most aerodynamic bike in the world.

It is lighter and quieter than the XR1, the X2, and the X3.

And that’s great news for road cyclists.

The new frame has a narrower fork that gives you a better front end, a lighter weight, and more stiffness than its predecessor.

Continental says the new frame is “the lightest and most aerodynamically efficient bike in Continental’s history” and it also comes with a new carbon fibre fork.

Continental’s XR3 is lighter than the new XR, but still a lot more powerful, and it is heavier than the previous models.

Continental is offering a new frame for the X4, but there’s no word yet if it will be available for sale as a new model.

Continental also says the X-series will be more aggressive.

But it’s still possible to ride the X1 or X3 with the Xr2 and Xr3 frames.

Continental has also released a range of carbon fibre forks that it says will be lighter and stiffer than the ones on the Xs, Xs2 and the new models.

And the Xtreme fork is designed to deliver maximum stiffness and stiffness in a frame with a wide range of weights and geometry.

Continental X-Series carbon fibre, X-3 carbon fibre and Xtrend carbon fibre frames, with Xtincture wheels.

Continental models with the new carbon-fibre forks are lighter than those with the carbon-ceramic forks.

Continental doesn’t say if the X5, X6, X7 and X8 will be carbon-only or aluminium.

But the X7 is lighter, with a carbon fibre frame and aluminium wheels.

The X7 has been around since 2016 and the frameset that Continental has now released is the same one it used in the XS and X3, so there’s little difference in weight.

Continental uses a new shape for the fork, too, with longer stem, a slightly longer chainstay and a different head tube shape.

Continental plans to launch more new frames later this year, but we’ll update this article when those launches happen.

Continental, which is owned by a group of British investors, also says it has built a brand new factory in Spain and will soon open a new one in Germany.

We’ll update when those details become available.

Continental makes a range, including its own frame, and will sell all of its bikes in the Americas and Europe, too.

It’s a big step for Continental, but it will also be a tough challenge for rival brands like Bontrager and Trek.

Continental will sell its XR and XR+ models, as well as the Xl, Xl+, Xl+R, XR Plus and Xx.

The price will be $1,399, while the Xi is $1.2 million, and its Xr is $999.99.

Continental framesets and forks will be released in November, with the latest X2 frame set to be released this month.