Coopers tires on sale at full price

On Monday, the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company announced that it was offering its tires at full prices beginning May 18.

“The tires on our platform are the most affordable tire on the market today,” Cooper said in a statement.

“This will allow customers to enjoy the benefits of the tire technology, while also being able to enjoy comfort and durability.”

The company said that the first of the new tires to be available in the U.S. was the Comfort and Durability Tires that will retail for $100.

This is Cooper’s first time offering this type of tires on the U, a major step in its tire innovation program.

The tires also come in two sizes, which are available in both 25-pound and 36-pound tires.

Cooper says that its Comfort and Comfort Durability tires will be available at a discounted price on May 18, which will be 10% off the regular retail price.

The company says that the 36-weight tires will start at $115 and the 25-weight will start for $135.