Tire Kingdom owner says he’ll never give up on new tire factory

The tire factory in northern California has been shuttered since last summer after a fire that destroyed a factory and destroyed parts.

Now the company is looking to reopen its doors.

Owner Brian Smith said he’s been in talks with the state to reopen the factory and has offered to sell it to a company that’s planning to reopen a tire factory near Sacramento.

Smith said he plans to make the sale for about $5 million.

He plans to donate the money to the local fire department.

The tire factory, located in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley, was closed in October for more than two years after the fire that tore through the facility destroyed parts of the plant.

Smith and the owner of the business, James Jorgensen, said they have not been contacted by authorities.

The company has been operating under an interim lease since December of last year, when the owners of the building were sued for negligence.

They said they were told to put out the fire and that they were on their way to reopening.