Walmart to ‘unleash’ its ‘smart tire’ tech

Walmart is launching a new smart tire and tire management system, which will help customers manage their tire costs, and will allow them to monitor their mileage over time, the company announced Tuesday.

The company will roll out the smart tire software over the coming months to the retailer’s stores, as well as on its online platform.

The software will allow customers to manage tire costs as well, by displaying the cost of the tires, as they age, according to the announcement.

Walmart says it will launch the technology with “significant upfront costs” to help reduce the need for a dealer, and it is working with an undisclosed manufacturer to deliver the software.

The smart tire will have a built-in data tracking app, along with a website for customers to learn about the system.

The app will also let customers “learn more about their tire use and how to better manage their tires,” the company said.

The company said it plans to have the software in place for the next three to four months, after which it plans on launching the software at retail locations in the U.S. and other countries.

“The platform will help consumers manage tire use,” the announcement said.

“This smart tire management app is the first step in a long-term partnership with a manufacturer to help customers better manage and optimize their tires.

We look forward to a successful rollout.”

The new software will let customers see the cost to repair their tires, and then manage that amount, according a release.

This technology will help Walmart save money on tires by allowing customers to see their tire wear and repair costs over time.

It will allow the retailer to “ensure they can track their tire and repair expenses over time,” and make adjustments to their tire usage based on this data, the announcement stated.

Walmart has been one of the biggest tire retailers in the world, with about 4 million tires in stock at its stores.

In January, Walmart said it would invest $1 billion in the tire industry, a $10 billion commitment that will help the retailer increase sales.

A Walmart spokesman said in a statement that the company is “delivering the smart tires to our customers through the end of 2018.”