How to get free tires for your car: Amazon, BestBuy, BestWarrangler, BestDirect, Walmart

Amazon, the online retailer, is using a new program that will give you free tires if you buy the vehicle directly from Amazon.

The program is called the “Amazon Direct” program and will give a rebate of $15 off your next order.

The Amazon Direct program allows you to use a credit card for your order, and the credit card will go directly to the manufacturer, said a statement by Amazon on Thursday. 

The company said the rebate is not available to the public, only eligible customers.

The rebate will be in effect from the beginning of November.

The website is powered by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform, which is currently available in some parts of the U.S. Amazon said the program is available to Prime members in the U, U.K. and Germany. 

“For this program, we are looking to provide more choice, lower prices and better service to our customers, so that they can find a vehicle that fits their needs and budgets, with or without an Amazon Prime membership,” Amazon said.

“For those who are already Amazon Prime members, we’ve also added a number of new incentives, including the opportunity to get a free Amazon Prime delivery for two years.”

The promotion is available for vehicles with a minimum purchase price of $10,000.

You can see which vehicles are eligible for the rebate here.

Amazon also offers a similar program called the Prime Miles program, which offers a discount on shipping for orders $99 and up. 

You can check out Amazon’s full statement here.