Audi says it’s working on a new tire for the 2018 model year


— Audi is working on an all-new tire for 2018, its first since it launched a new sports version of the Audi Q5 in 2019.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle, which will be available as a base model in the U.S. later this year, will be the first in a new series of all-aluminum and all-carbon materials that the German company says will reduce weight, improve fuel economy and improve the quality of the road.

“It’s an ambitious and challenging project, and it requires a lot of work,” said Martin Röhli, chief technical officer of the new tire.

“But Audi has always had an excellent reputation for delivering top-quality performance and we are proud of that.

We have to take into account the new climate and the new technology, but this is a new challenge.”

Audi has previously said the 2018 Audi Q6 will use all-black all-season tires.

The company has also said it will launch a new model in 2020 that will have a slightly different color scheme.

Audis new tires are based on the company’s new carbon fiber technology.

The tires will be lighter and stiffer than the current model.

The new tires will come in all-transparent versions and the company says they will be compatible with the new BMW i8 and i9 models.

The new Audi Q7 will be offered in a variety of materials, including the new aluminum alloy wheels.

The car will also have new interior and exterior colors.

Audi said the tires will use the new material called C-Mod, which is a type of carbon fiber that was first used on a Porsche 911 Turbo and also has been used on the 2018 BMW i3 and 2017 BMW i5.