When your car gets stuck in the mud, there’s a way to get out of the mess

The car’s not the only thing stuck in a mud hole: A mobile tire company has an alternative: Get out of it yourself.

That’s the premise behind a new service offered by MudLodge, a mobile tire service offering up to $100 to repair a car’s tires and tires of any kind.

The service is available to people who don’t own vehicles, but MudLokey also offers repairs to trucks and trailers.

The new service, called MudLodging, is a new venture that’s based on the idea that people are getting stuck in mud all the time.

A mobile tire mechanic walks into a garage and sets up shop, using a machine to fill the hole with water.

Afterward, the mud is cleaned and the tire replaced.

“There’s a lot of people who have been in mud and they just have to be rescued,” said John Miller, founder of MudLogging.

“They just can’t do it.”

Miller said his company was able to get around a number of problems, including the issue of a vehicle stuck in an unsecured vehicle that’s hard to remove.

Instead of having to get into a vehicle, a MudLugger could simply leave a note on the door or window saying “sorry about that” and then get a tire fix.

It’s a process that takes less than an hour.

“When you call and they show up you’re not going to be asked to come inside, it’s an instant transaction,” Miller said.

MudLodges owner Joe Smith says he’s been fixing cars in the area for 25 years.

Smith said he’s found himself in a number or accidents that he’s unable to repair.

But the most difficult time for him, he said, was in the summertime when people are traveling in the mountains and have no vehicle to repair their tires.

Smith said the MudLods service is also much more economical than a repair shop because the cost of repairs is much lower than the repair shop.

The service’s not for everyone, however, and Miller said some customers would not be able to afford the cost.

To qualify for the Mudlodge service, a customer needs to be between the ages of 16 and 59, have a vehicle that is a “major” repair, and have a history of mud.

The service is offered on an “as is” basis, and MudLocations fees are nonrefundable.

Moody, a trucking company, has been offering similar services for years.

In addition to the Mudlane and Mudlodging services, Moody has also been offering a roadside repair service called Roadside Repair that costs $75 per day and will pay for the tires and wheels.

Miller said the new MudLodaes service is just as affordable and just as effective.

When I was doing my research, I found that most people would have to have a car to pay for it, so I thought it would be better to do it by myself, he added.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being out there and getting a little bit of mud and getting it fixed,” Miller told ABC News.

Miller said he has been trying to get people to participate in the Mud Lodge service for years, but he said he didn’t know anyone who would be willing to give it a try.

If you want to be a Mud Lodger and you want help, I would recommend contacting the Mud Lizarding website at mudlodges.com or the Mud Llodging website at facebook.com/mudlodgers, Miller said, but they are currently closed.

In addition to helping people fix their tires, MudLogleys roadside repair services are also designed to help people find their lost or stolen vehicle.

The company offers an online search engine that allows users to search for vehicles that are missing or stolen and then locate their owners.

Muddelers customer service number is 866-847-3762.

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