‘No way’: Carli Lilly leaves US to return to India

CARLI LILY is returning to India after more than a year in exile.

She will leave the US after a year-long stay in New York, where she is expected to continue to make appearances at her popular shows.

The actress will return to her home city of Mumbai and its surroundings after the US government announced on Wednesday that it was suspending the visa requirement for US citizens from the Indian state of Gujarat.

Lilly, who is also a prominent Hindu religious figure, had been in the US since last year to promote her latest film, “Cinderella,” starring Idris Elba.

India has been a staunch ally of US President Donald Trump in his war against radicalisation of Muslims and a host of other issues.

During her stay in the States, she has received support from Indian celebrities, including Sacha Baron Cohen and Aamir Khan.

“I have decided to return home and make my home in India,” Lilly told reporters.

It is not clear what the conditions of the visa would be.

The US State Department said that it would continue to enforce visa requirements to ensure the safety of Indian nationals and US citizens abroad.

Earlier this month, Trump ordered a travel ban on people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, citing concerns that the country was being used as a recruitment centre for extremists.

In a separate move, the US also suspended the issuance of visas for Indian nationals from Iran and Pakistan, following the November 2016 assassination of the former Pakistani prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.