Rangers’ Rask: ‘If you look at the history, you don’t see the team’

The Rangers are not known for being great at drafting goaltenders.

They are also known for drafting very good goaltenders and making a habit of taking them in the first round.

It is no secret that the organization does not seem to have much interest in taking a goalie in the second round.

The Rangers have a strong goalie prospect pool and have taken several in the past, but Rask, 28, said the Rangers are “not a big fan of getting too deep in the draft.

We like to be smart about it.”

He is confident that he will land the No. 1 goalie in this year’s draft, although he said he has yet to make a decision.

“I think it’s really hard to say at this point,” Rask said.

“We’re still evaluating it.

I don’t want to say I know what I’m going to get, because I don.

I think it makes sense to get a good goalie in. “

When you look to the future, we’re not going to take the top goalie, because we know we can’t win with just one guy.

I think it makes sense to get a good goalie in.

I know I can be one of those guys.

We’ve talked about that.

I just want to get the best goalie in.”

Rask has spent time with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Buffalo Sabres and Minnesota Wild.

He is currently in the AHL, having been acquired from the Rangers in exchange for defenseman Scott Harrington on Nov. 26.

Rask is a free agent after this season, but he has been a member of the Rangers organization since 2009.

“If you’re in a situation where you have a guy that you’re going after, that’s not necessarily the smartest thing to do,” Raxson said.