What you need to know about the Peeps tires

Peeps fans have been buzzing about a new tires for the Peep boys, and now the guys are getting their tires.

The Peeps will have two new tires on the road, Peeps Tire and Peeps Pembroke, with Peeps Brand Brand and Peep Brand Racing taking over the Peewtons tires, according to the PeepingBros.com website.

The brand new tires are made by Peeps, and will be sold at select dealerships.

A special Peeps branded tire will be available at Peeps Rodeo for $200.

A Peeps logo will be on the sidewall of each tire.

The Peeps brand tires will have a black “Pembrooke” lettering.

A Peeps name and logo will also be visible on the rim of each pair of tires.

All Peeps and Peeping Boys products are made with high-quality, carbon fiber, and rubber materials.

Peeps and the Peefest are also working to get the tires to consumers, according the PeakingBros website.

“We want to reach the Peppys and Peefests as quickly as possible.

We have made many connections and have a lot of trust in these tire brands, so we will keep doing our part to help Peeps grow,” Peeps Senior Vice President and Head of Sales Jim Follins told Peeping Bros.com.

The new Peeps wheels will have carbon fiber inserts, and the wheels are made of carbon fiber.

The wheels are also carbon fiber and can have up to 2,000 miles on the clock.

Peeps spokes are made from 100 percent titanium.