Sumitomo announces its first-ever tire size, $50 tire

The Japanese automaker is adding a new model for its 2018 Sumitom tire line, a $50 “Tire Size” model that comes with an extra 3/8″ of wheelbase.

This tire comes in the same size as its other offerings, with the wheelbase at 18 inches.

In addition, it comes with a $5,000 warranty and an additional 2,000 yen ($40).

The company’s new model will be available starting April 25, 2018, with an MSRP of $49.99, or $45 less than its regular $50 price.

The $50 model will also come with a free tire sealant, and the $50 size will come in a variety of colors.

The Sumitome Tire Size model will feature an extra width of 3/16″ for a tire that can be adjusted to fit different widths, according to the company.

The company says it is aiming for a new trend for tire sizes, adding that the tire size should provide better grip and better handling than its competitors.

Sumitome has previously announced its first tire size with a 3/4″ wheelbase, but it didn’t include the wheel, and it didn’s own “Wheel Size” option, instead opting for a “Wheel Type” option that offers different wheel types and widths.

The company says its new tire will be a more versatile tire with more grip and a better overall handling.

The wheel width will increase to 18 inches, while the wheel base will increase by 3/2″.

Both the wheel and the wheel size will be interchangeable, and there will be an optional “Wheel Fit” option.

The “Wheel Length” option lets the company tailor the tire to fit the width of your body.

The “Wheel Width” option will offer the same wheel width, but the wheel will be narrower, and will offer a narrower wheel base.

The tire will also have an optional wheel fit option, which allows you to fit a tire in your garage.

The cost for this tire is $49,99.

The new Tire Size is the latest addition to the Sumitomy tire line that will make its way to dealerships in March.

Last month, the company unveiled the “T-Shirt Tire,” which is expected to be available in late spring 2018.