What you need to know about the Goodyear tire deal

Goodyear tires are the most expensive on the market, and that’s exactly what makes them so popular.

With a price tag of $7,499, the tires are a good deal.

However, when it comes to their value, the deal can be a little pricey.

That’s because there are three major differences between Goodyear’s tires and tires that are sold by other brands: the brand’s pricing, the size of the tires, and the tire’s tread pattern.

So how do they compare?

We’ll take a look at how Goodyear stacks up to the competition.

Pros Price tag: $749 The tires of Goodyear come in a variety of sizes.

They’re priced at $7.49 for a 35mm tire, $10.49 per 36mm tire and $17.49 a 42mm tire.

They also come in at $10 per 1,000 miles, and they have a warranty.

The tires are manufactured by Goodyear Tire & Rubber and have a lifetime warranty.

They are made in Mexico and are manufactured to a specific design and can withstand a lot of abuse.

A 35mm Goodyear is rated for 80,000km (50,000mph) and a 42 mm is rated at 80,500km (40,000 mph).

However, you can buy a larger tire for much less.

Pros Tires can last longer than most competitors.

A 42mm Goodday tire will last 1,400km (930 miles) and an 80mm Goodnight tire will likely last 500km (310 miles).

However they are not as durable.

A good tire will wear out after only 50,000 km (30,000 mi).

Cons No tread pattern The tires on Goodyear are different than the tires on other brands.

That means they have different tread patterns, which is a good thing.

They have a flat top design that allows them to get good grip on the road.

However tread patterns can be unevenly spaced, which can make the tires feel more rough than they actually are.

You can buy Goodyear in 36mm or 48mm.

Pros High-quality tires for a good price Cons You’ll need to get a good tire for them to last.

You’ll have to spend a lot more money for the tires than you would with other brands Pros Price, durability and tread pattern Cons Price and durability are important factors for Goodyear customers.

Pros Cost: $49.99/lb (40.4oz) for a 36mm and $59.99 per 36 (42.1oz) in a 42.1mm tire Cons Size: 36mm/48mm/72mm